protein Recipes with propud
Facilitate everyday life but also your training? Do it with our protein-enriched recipes!
We have collected a lot of recipes that are not only tasty and easy to cook but also packed with protein.
Here you will find everything from pancakes to banana bread and everything to make your everyday life easier together with protein after your workout.

Using our products as a substitute for other ingredients adds many positive aspects.
If you use our products, can your recipe become lactose-free, gluten-free or sugar-free?
It's a perfect way for you to enjoy those dishes, snacks or desserts you might not otherwise have been able to.

For those of you who like to exercise and maintain an active lifestyle, our protein-rich recipes are a perfect way to get closer to your goals.
Enjoy a good brownie and get protein at the same time! Perfect!
Feel free to take inspiration from our recipes below and also dare to try a recipe of your own!

Our milkshakes can serve as a substitute for dairy products such as milk or cream.
The puddings can serve as a topping or flavoring in your baked goods.
Our protein bars work perfectly for, for example, extra crunch in your Rocky Road Bites.
Experiment yourself or use our tasty, protein-rich recipes.
Discover the recipes that will facilitate and promote your healthy lifestyle.

Feed your cravings

Vi älskar all sport, träning, tävling och människor som utmanar sig själva varje dag!

Vi ger dig möjlighet att förenkla den aktiva livsstilen med galet läckra proteinberikade snacks, utan tillsatt socker.

Idag finns både proteinpudding, proteinmilkshake och proteinbars i den snabbt växande ProPud-familjen. Och fler spännande innovationer är på gång. Många kommer att vara helt unika.

Med våra produkter kan du bejaka din inre gottegris och samtidigt njuta av nyttiga smaksensationer varje dag.

Vi peppar dig hela vägen så du kan nå dina personliga mål - och samtidigt njuta på vägen dit. Lyssna på dina begär och lev livet!