The story of propud

It all started in a basement in gothenburg to today being
the market leader in protein milkshakes and protein puddings
on the Swedish market.

Early on, I learned that everyone in the family needed to do their part to help Mom, who needed three jobs to support us.

As an 8-year-old, I therefore started selling newspapers and the happiness I felt every time I contributed something to the dinner table cannot be described. It was that feeling that came to reflect everything I would do going forward in life. My mother taught me to believe in hard work and that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

Old photo of founder Assan from the early days of the company's history.

As a 16-year-old, I set myself the goal of becoming the best in MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. Three years and thousands of hours later in the gym, I was named Swedish champion. To finance my professional career, I took a job in a warehouse and alternated tough training periods with intensive work at home.

The persistence paid off and I managed to get into the top-10 ranking in Europe. At that time, I thought a lot about what I wanted to achieve with my life. During competitions in the Netherlands, I tried an Aloe Vera drink that I drank after the training sessions and realized that there was nothing like it in Sweden. - Assan NJIE

Photo of founder Assan after winning an MMA match.

the innovation


In 2015, the next product was launched – ProPud protein pudding – a lactose-free protein pudding with no added sugar and 10% protein. I got the idea for the protein pudding at home in the kitchen when, as usual, I was mixing protein powder with milk to get my dose for the day. There must be an easier way to do this, I thought.

And there it was – ProPud protein pudding became our absolute biggest success! It is available today in several flavors and is also sold in countries outside Sweden. In the spring of 2016, the ProPud protein milkshake was launched, which had the same properties as the pudding. I was very proud when it took home the prize as Grocery of the Year 2017.

Photo of NJIE employees celebrating their award as an innovative company.

Today I am no longer alone and the product portfolio has grown. Together at NJIE, we are today around 40 employees who develop and sell exciting concepts with a focus on health.

As you can see, I love challenges and my challenge to you is to take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle. You have everything to win and I say like my mother – nothing is impossible as long as you make up your mind!

Image of a ProPud protein pudding with chocolate flavour and a chocolate covered cookie dipped in it.